You’ve had your photo taken, and they were a beautiful reminder of your family. But, if you’re looking for something a little bit different, a little bit more than the ordinary. When you want to celebrate having multiple generations of strong, confident women in your family. When you want to record in history a moment in time that revealed your true strength.  When life has brought you to your knees and you want to capture your rising from the ashes like a phoenix, you need something a little more.  More than the ordinary. You need a SarahLynn Photography contemporary portrait session. 

One of my most important aspects to my business is my boudoir business. I like to refer to it as my After Party.  It’s some where for women to explore their power in their femininity and it’s where my heart is.  I’ve spent time as a woman who didn’t own my space in this world and the “after party” project is my contribution to helping women over that mountain.  You deserve to own your strength and power in this world. YOU CREATE LIFE, YOU CAN CONQUER ANYTHING!  

Click the photo to head to the After Party.  

Welcome! I’m Sarah Berry and I’m a Contemporary Portrait Photographer.

It’s my desire to create NO STRESS sessions and beautiful portraits of you that will help you reconnect with the remarkable woman you see in your portraits.

I specialize in senior pictures, glamour style empowerment photos, boudoir, generations portraits, headshots, and personal branding photographs. 

I know, you hate photos. . . .

….or think you aren’t photogenic. But, it’s my commitment to you that my photo shoots are easy, fun and a whole experience. If you want, we do your hair & makeup and help you feel comfortable with music you love and then I’ll show you on the back of the camera how this session will provide the most beautiful photos you have ever seen of yourself.